Life with the Elliott's


April Fool – Company Fails

Reading the news and tweets today these are the ones I’ve seen so far: Virgin will be offering spinning classes on flights Heinz to make chocolate mayonnaise Coca-cola Launches three … Continue reading

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When the weather divides

Tonight the weather was divided by the M4, one side stunning sunshine and the other dark black clouds. Moments later a massive downpour.

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F1 2018 is go but what do you think of the #Halo?

OK so it’s there for safety not looks but it’s making it hard for both fans, drivers and I think sponsors! For the fans Hard to see the driver Can’t … Continue reading

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Be inspired

You can now see full details of my book Thinking Thoughts which is available on Apple iBooks and Amazon Kindle on the link below. You can also read some sample … Continue reading

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Homemade Sledge is Snow Fun

When I was a kid my dad made me a sledge and it was brilliant, far better than the ones in the shops. The kids had been out playing in … Continue reading

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The fun side of snow

I know many people are struggling with the weather as #StormEmma meets #TheBeastFromTheEast , but for kids the snow is great. Days off school and snowball fights! Even Benji joined … Continue reading

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After a long day including 6 hours driving, I’m laid in bed and what can I hear? Nothing, nothing at all. The peace and tranquility are just perfect.

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Sunrise of fire in the skies over Thatcham

What a sunrise at 0715 this morning over the rooftops of Thatcham.

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A trip to a wet and windy Southsea

What to do of a Saturday, I know let’s go to Southsea. Still we had fun in the amusements and had ice cream – the British weather won’t beat us!

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#Storm Georgina hits Thatcham

24th January saw Storm Georgina hit Thatcham with gusts of wind over 50mph and pouring rain.

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