Life with the Elliott's



After a long day including 6 hours driving, I’m laid in bed and what can I hear? Nothing, nothing at all. The peace and tranquility are just perfect. Advertisements

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Sunrise of fire in the skies over Thatcham

What a sunrise at 0715 this morning over the rooftops of Thatcham.

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A trip to a wet and windy Southsea

What to do of a Saturday, I know let’s go to Southsea. Still we had fun in the amusements and had ice cream – the British weather won’t beat us!

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#Storm Georgina hits Thatcham

24th January saw Storm Georgina hit Thatcham with gusts of wind over 50mph and pouring rain.

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My 12 month weight loss

OK so it’s fractionally more than one year, 25/12/16 – 22/01/18, however it’s still been great to get back to a weight I haven’t seen since the start of 2014. … Continue reading

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Is it time to drop YouTube for new creators?

So it would seem that YouTube is set on discouraging new creators to its platform. A year ago they changed the requirements and you had to have over 10,000 views … Continue reading

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Me over 18 years

In September I started to follow Slimming World and lost almost two stone in 4 months. Whilst I put some on over Xmas more is going to come off, but … Continue reading

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Benji’s New Year Holiday

How do our pets see the world? Our dog Benji came with us on holiday for New Year, here’s how I think he saw our holiday… Friday (before leaving home) … Continue reading

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#MakeASongLessInteresting #UKTop40

So it looks like #makeasonglessingeresting is trending on Twitter, so here is my reworked UK Top 40, feel free to add your own suggestions: 1. Perfect Duet – Imperfect Single … Continue reading

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#EatASong – Frozen / Cake

‪‪Having seen this #EatASong hashtag trending on Twitter I took a closer look… soon I put a few of my own on Twitter then started to think. What if I … Continue reading

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